Information about Protection in Equestrian Sports
What is CE Certification?
With the CE Marking logo, it is indicated that the product meets the legal requirements described in the applicable European Directive and is a part of the personal equipment (PSA). The CE-marking on its own is not very specific. More relevant are the protection standards as you can see from the attached information chart.
What is Euronorm Certification?
Euronorms inform about technical requirements of products. In protection gear they inform about their suitability, expected protectability as well as which parts of the body can be protected. The product is being certified when tested successfully at an approved institute according to the norm's requirements.
What is ASTM and SEI?
ASTM stands for American Society for Testing and Materials. The ASTM standard defines performance criteria and test methods. Manufacturers
may voluntarily submit their products for further testing by the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) using the test methods
definded by the ASTM standard. If these samples pass the tests, they may be labeled ASTM/SEI certified.
What does the BETA-label mean?
This standard is a UK certification sheme operated by BETA (British Equestrian Trade Association). Testing is based on EN 13158, but the sheme involves additional annual re-tests on the certified protector by a BETA-approved laboratory. Therefore, quality of the body protector is ensured in shorter intervals. Unlike the mandatory EN-certification, the BETA-label is required by the manufacturer voluntarily.
EN 13158 BETA
Level 1 Black label
Level 2 Brown label
Level 3 Purple label